ECN Business Company

“ECN was created focusing in support the areas attached to business groups, boards of companies and presidencies, which don't have much time to research and study about the problems that affect the high spheres of administrations.

It was the result of a need felt and emerged when we were in presidencies of public institutions and companies, that required a lot of our time and did not allow us to dedicate this to the strategic questions around us.

They were the market tendencies, our competitors business situations, their actions and decisions, the director's performance, the general conditions of our affiliates and subsidiaries and, more than everything, the fact that we didn't have someone of our level, formation, experience and knowledge who we could exchange ideas and paths about everything that was around us at the time!

We thought how it would be good to have a consulting to hire, with a lot of experience and capacity to receive topics and subjects to research, analyse and then suggest us paths and which one would be the best of them in their visions and avaliations.

When we finished our circle in companies command, we choose put into practice our ideas and thoughts of when we needed support and did not have, creating a company exactly like the one we imagine to provide to the market this possibility!

We have decades of personal experiences, of the most dynamic and diverse just as availability and motivation to great and new challenges. Mainly the challenges to provide to the most prepared, great and distinct businessmen, leaders and companies boards, a differentiated consultancy that support them in everything.

A company capable of totally guarantee and facilitate your decisions!

Welcome to ECN Business and Consultancy Company Ltda."

- Owner José Anibal Pettráglia