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This life of ours always gives us many opportunities ...

Not all, however, are attentive to this and lose them out of inattention and even lack of courage to take advantage of them !!!

It was always different with me.

I never lost anyone who came in my way and faced them even if I was afraid sometimes!

To those who are willing to take the time to get to know my road, follow my story.

I was born in a humble Family of Uruguayan immigrant parents who came to try life in Brazil at the beginning of the 30s of last century!

They had 10 children, and the first two died children, by the precarious Medicine of Brazil of then in the Interior of Rio Grande do Sul.

I am the youngest of eight children, with 4 couples generated by Maria and José Benito Petráglia. Examples of integrity and corrections of attitudes that have given us everything to make us happy.

We learned Spanish in practice, through the songs they sang and the daily conversations in our house.

My father worked as a laborer specialized in a small candy factory, a profession that he still took in Uruguay and led him to emigrate here.

Around my sixth year, he enrolled in a School and threw me into the school of life, the vacant time, and the Holidays.

He would take me to his work in the candy factory where he worked and put me to peel fruit, especially bananas, the raw material from candy and wonderful sweets he made.

I had to peel kilos and kilos of bananas in the midst of those unloaded tons, full of spiders and insects coming from the plantations.

In order to speed up the work, he invited me to invite friends to help with the task of peeling ... my fingers still have the wear and tear of those jobs today.

He paid me nothing, as did the other boys who worked with me.

It said that I should learn to pay for my survival.

The old man was very hard ... could give me a few pennies, like leftovers from the reimbursement of my survival, but no. I saw it differently.

First great professional lesson.

Today I conclude, that started there the development of my great capacity of administration, management and professional experiences ...

This was how I started working on the factory floor, until I was 16 years old in the competition for the Federal Technical School of Paraná, an Electrotechnical Course, which I attended for a full three-year period.

There I discovered my penchant for the technical area, which later proved necessary for my career in the Brazilian Navy, with the passage also to the area of ​​Social Sciences.

I finished my Technical Course and went to work at Siemens do Brasil ...

From there to the Naval School, Navy of Brazil, where he finishes the Graduations of Mechanical Operational Engineering, Naval Sciences (1st Higher Course of Brazil) and in Business Administration.

In it I made a career and as a weapon of war, the Naval Aviation ...

I left the Navy as Captain-of-the-Frigate, in 1995 and joined the business area.

In the same year of 1995, I took over the entire coastal port area of ​​the State of Paraná, where we implemented the Governor Jaime Lerner Government project, airing the Ports, and passing the responsible Municipal Authority, APPA, Paranaguá and Antonina Ports Administration, to be only the Regulatory Authority of the Port Activities, no longer executing them.

This, in practice, meant the exit of Port Operations by the Government of the State of Paraná and the total privatization of commercial activities in the Public Port.

The only public port in Brazil that met this condition.

There I learned a lot, as if I did a new graduate, postgraduate, doctorate and postdoctoral degree in that port sector ...

There are so many activities and engagements that one ends up even without the will. Great and profitable teachings.

When the Government Jaime Lerner took over in 1995, the Autarchy had a revenue of about USD $ 150,000,000.00 per year, 93% of it being committed to Payrolls of its direct linked portfolios, about 750, and the other portfolios of Labor Unions, through Inter Sindical, with about 6,000 Workers linked to the Autarchy, paid by it.

And more than 10,000 ports indirectly linked our decisions!

A great responsibility!

With the development of a management project, together with the New Port Law that we were able to implement, in less than 2 years we spent all the 6000 workers to subordination Port Operators, through a re-study of reduction of Port Tariffs and frames.

We get the only 750 portfolios linked, increase our revenues and reduce their commitment to 37%, only. Within normalcy.

But we are now able to invest ...

After the Ports, we were invited to take on and develop a large project, through a major corporate restructuring, together with Bradesco, CSN and Inepar Group, of its Companies, with 4 similar Industrial Plants, concentrating on one, in Araraquara .

The others were deactivated.

The Industrial Plants were the one of Volta Redonda, the one of Campo Grande and the one of Sto. André, as well as all the Locations spread, by the States of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, reason for their going to their insolvency.

A project development contract was signed, containing a Success Rate, monetarily, and another condition of shareholding, via free Stock Options and assumption of the President's Office, if all went well.

A deadline of 24 months was established for the closure of the project and implementation of a new company, merger of all the others involved in the project (then bankrupt).

We were able to implement, together with a small team and supported by all the Controllers that initiated the project (Bradesco, CSN and Inepar Group), in about 8 months, 1/3 of the forecast time, and assumed the new company Presidency as established in contract.

This new company, the then Inepar-FEM, Industries and Assemblies, concentrated all the activities of the Industries involved and the sectors of Constructions and assemblies of all the previous ones, that composed it. The activities involved were Óleo & Gás, Hydro and Termo Geração, Metallic Structures of medium and large sizes, Steelworks, Rolling Bridges and Port Porticos, Trains and Locomotives, Metros, Machining and Cauldrons, also of medium and large sizes, and all the other related activities.

We have achieved downsizing, from almost 6,000 Employees, to around 1,000 and increased the number of factory hours to almost 7.5 Million Hours contracted, guaranteeing factory operability for about 5 years.

This has forced us to replace and seek new technology partners in its various segments in the US, Canada, Germany and Norway in order to leverage our capabilities in the areas of the new Company.

We personally attracted them and negotiated with each on a case-by-case basis.

Already in the first year of activities of the new company, 1998, revenue rose to US $ 196,000,000.00 with profits and repeated, slightly above, in 1999, where we achieved a similar turnover of about US $ 198,000,000.00.

In this opportunity, realizing a personal dream of years, and accumulating with the Presidency of this company, we were invited to take on a small project with the incorporation of an Air Taxi company with 3 Helicopters, where we developed the activities, with hangars, in Curitiba, S Paulo and Araraquara. Expected to expand to Rio de Janeiro.

In view of the success achieved in the great project and with the need for exclusive dedication to the new company, we were then invited to choose between our Presidency and the activities of the Air Taxi company, which did not concern us very much, but it was the will of the Controllers .

We give up the helicopters.

In 2000, new restructuring took place in the Inepar Group and all the companies were concentrated in one, the great Nova Inepar, where we were invited to take over one of the eight new Corporate Directorates, the Capital Goods Board.

In 2001, we decided to follow individual project and left the Inepar Group to follow and develop our Consulting, ECN Empresa de Consultoria e Negócios Ltda. ( and in 2003 we incorporated a company of Management of Files, physical and digital, and GED Electronic Document Management, FILEBOX Sistemas de Arquivos Ltda. ( activities of great perspectives.

The two companies are successes and are in the process of development and growth.

All that has been achieved has never taken away our will and propensity to take on new and great challenges, as it is part of our nature.

We enjoy corporate life and socializing with the young values ​​that are emerging.

We think that the symbiosis between the experience and the boldness of youth is a great differential and the great responsibility for the successes of the companies.

We have a lot of experience in dealing with Controllers and Boards of Directors, as well as specialized in mergers and succession processes.

We are also specialized in outsourced management and we remain open to opportunities and new challenges !!!

We are also available to take on some challenge outside Brazil or even in Latin America, in order to apply all the knowledge acquired and achieve new and greater positive results!

We are always ready and willing to work and great challenges.

Any opportunity that may arise will be duly evaluated, within our profile of interventor and executor of projects, with deadlines and determined times, as well as the continued management for a period, until the succession is verified ...

Be it family or business.

Contact us !!!!





67 years old, Married. Phone (16) 99787 1215

Brazilian, born in Curitiba-Pr.


Objective: Principal Executive and Positions in Direction.

Areas: Commercial, Administration, Operations, Management and Projects.


Featured Qualifications:

• Solid and upward career in 50 years, with intense and extensive experiences in management (Management, Ports, Business, Services, Marketing and Commercial, Logistics, Projects and Navy of Brazil).


• Outstanding experience in the Strategic, Administrative and Operational areas in Logistics, Ports, Industries, Construction, Ports and Aviation; involving: Planning, Change management, Restructuring, Incorporation, Recovery and Sale of Companies. Great flexibility in working with Presidencies and Cons. Administrations.

• International experience throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America and also participates in courses, seminars and symposiums in these countries.


• Highly qualified to conduct high-level negotiations with efficiency and excellence, both in the incorporation and sales of medium- and large-sized companies or groups, and in attracting strategic and technological partners, both national and international, and in conducting negotiations unions representative of the labor areas.


• Executive profile focused on action and achievement of results. A great organizer, his performance is based on the high power of decision, leadership, energy, determination, unconditional dedication and proactivity, as well as great ability to compose and maintain motivated work teams, aimed at the achievement of objectives, business and other .


• Highly qualified in a diverse range of professional and personal knowledge and experience (by the unique and singular activities that he has had the opportunity to develop throughout his life with proven successes in all of them), he is a professional with broad and deep competences and prepared for the achievement, management and conclusion of projects, with a vision focused on total commitment to its results and successes par excellence.



• MBA - Business Management - Trevisan - SP - 2002.

• Postgraduate in Naval Aviation - Navy of Brazil - RJ - 1980.

• Graduation in Electrical Engineering - U.V.A - RJ - 1979.

• Graduation in Mechanical Engineering - Naval School - RJ - 1976.

• Graduation in Administration - Escola Naval - RJ - 1976.

• Graduation in Naval Sciences - Escola Naval - RJ - 1976.


Main results:


. ECN Service Provider, ( Beginning January 1998 to the present.

• Consulting in Administrative Management (HR, Tax, etc.), Strategic and Structuring, as well as, Commercial and Operational for Companies, among them, Filebox Sistemas de Arquivos Ltda., Gavel Veículos, Riaser Metalúrgica -RJ, Vander World Logística - Campinas -SP, Chalu Real Estate, etc.


. FILEBOX Service Provider, ( Beginning April 2003 to the present.

• Consultancies and Execution in Management and Organization of Physical and Digital Files. Five warehouses located in São Carlos and Araraquara SP;


. President and Vice President of GVW Brasil Group - Integrated Logistics,

• Total restructurings of the Group, Companies and Activities, adjusting the demand in the market.

• Development and implementation of new methodologies, products and activities in the segment.

• Search, development and deployment of new Customers, Suppliers and Operational Partners.


. President of Inepar-Fem Equipamentos e Montagens S.A.,

• Negotiations of technology transfer and equipment manufacturing license with Norwegian and North American companies, increasing the demand in the market.

• Expansion of the area of ​​operation in the Steel, Construction and Thermoelectric markets.

• Deactivation of the Volta Redonda plant units -RJ / Campo Grande-RJ and Santo André-SP and with the dismissal of employees in numbers above 3500.

• Intense and successful negotiations with the Labor Union areas involved in the implemented restructuring.

• Recovery, modernization and expansion of the new plant in Araraquara-SP after the transfers, emphasis on the logistics of its activities.


. Director of the Inepar Group,

• Joint-Venture negotiations with CSN and Bradesco, and with GE Hydro Canada.

• Acquisition of the Villares Group's facilities in Araraquara-SP.

• Conduct of the transfer of the Industrial Plants of the Companies Merger, in less than Eight (8) months.

• Personnel management in the general restructuring of the personnel of the companies participating in the mergers.

• These achievements enabled him to be chosen and elected the first President of the Company to be created.


. Superintendent of APPA - Autarquia, the Administration Ports of Paranaguá and Antonina, PR.

• State Agency of the Transport Sector (Port), with its own revenue from the collection of Port Tariffs, in the order of US $ 150,000,000.00 per year.

• Selected by the Government of the State of Paraná in 1995 to assist the management of the modernization and privatization project of the Port of Paranaense area.

• Negotiation of the total privatization of port operations in the State of Paraná.

• Intense and successful negotiations with the Labor Union areas involved in the implemented restructuring.

• Expansion of Port Logistics to meet your demand.


- Headquarters: City of Paranaguá

- Period: January 1995 to June 1997.

- Occupied position: Superintendent (President).


- Main atributions:

• Responsible for the complete management of the Autarchy, implemented a broad modernization of the Port Area of ​​Paraná, based on the Law of Ports - 8630.

• Successful implementation after extensive, intense and exhausting negotiations with all employers and workers (businessmen, shipowners, port operators, workers, trade unions, etc.).

• He was directly reporting to the Governor of the State of Paraná in total with his Secretary of Transportation.


- Main Results obtained:

• Total privatization of Port Operations, after exhaustive triangular negotiations between the State Government, the labor area and the businessmen operating in the port area.

• Attraction of RENAULT, AUDI, CHRYSLER and DETROIT DIESEL Carriers to the State of Paraná, along with their partners, as well as others, dependent on port handling.

• Extension of the Calhe of the Galheta Channel, access to the Ports of Paranaguá and Antonina to 41 Feet, through Dredging carried out by International Company of the Netherlands, with Inspection of the Board of Hydrography and Navigation of the Navy of Brazil, through a Specific Agreement for this .

As well as another Agreement for the updating and maintenance of the Nautical Signage of the whole channel. This provided a significant increase of the movements, with the possibility of access of larger ships.

• Attracting Investors, national and international, to the Ponta do Félix Refrigerated Terminal in Antonina PR, with the recovery and reuse of a Dry Ice Plant, generating hundreds of direct and indirect jobs.

• Negotiations with labor unions to obtain the necessary conditions for the total privatization of Port Operations.

• Drastic reduction of the costs of the whole Autarchy, with the rational use of available resources, aiming to launch the Paranaian Ports on the world stage, in terms of port costs.

• Development and implementation of computerization of all port areas, aiming at increasing the controls of the movements, improving the efficiency of the processes and allowing the increase of the revenue by more than 20%.

• Creation and implementation, for the first time in a national port, of a Local Port Security Commission, and of a Ports Website of Paranaguá and Antonina on the Internet and creation of a CD-Rom in four languages, innovation at the time.

• Reduction of 6,000 employees of the Autarchy to 750 linked portfolios, allowing a decrease in the commitment of the Port Revenue, from 93% to 37% of its total.


. Military Career, as Leader and Leader,

Period: January 1973 to December 1994.

• Development of a military career, from the position of Aspirant to Officer studying at the Naval School, to the rank of Captain-of-Frigate, passing through the positions of Marine Guard, 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, Lieutenant Captain, Captain of Corvette and Lieutenant Commander.


Occupied Charges:

• Director and Instructor of the Aviation Training and Improvement Course for Officers. In the administration and preparation of teams and sectors, with Postgraduate Course in Naval Aviation.

• Director of Operations, Training Sectors and Aircraft Flights of General Employment Helicopters.

• Pioneer in the formation of an Air Unit from the design, construction facilities, general and total deployment to the Total Operation for Air Unit War.

• Director of the Team of 04 Pilots and 10 Mechanics in the Antarctic Commission IV, aboard the Barão de Teffé.

• Enabled in different types of aircraft operating on the sea or land, day and night.

• Director of the Sectors, Machinery, Turbines, Propulsion, Auxiliary, Safety and Failure Controls, Hangar and Flight Deck of the Minas Gerais Aircraft Carrier.

• Official-Student of the Postgraduate Course of Aviation Improvement for Officers.


. Main atributions:

• Prepare, train, develop, professionalize, train, lead and direct military personnel in all positions, with the objective of maintaining and maintaining their maximum levels of operational proficiency, materials, resources and equipment.


. Main Results obtained:

• Administration, preparation and training of all teams, in the total operation of the sectors that directed, in any situations, of peace or not, aiming at its prompt effectiveness.

• Postgraduate Course in Naval Aviation (Second Place in 16 Officers-Students), as well as the Electronic Warfare, Safety and Control Courses for Ships, Fire Fighting on Ships and Aircraft, Officer Operations and Combat Centers, and Training Techniques and Instructions, among others.

• Helicopter pilot, highly qualified and qualified in several types of aircraft, with emphasis on operations on Navy ships. Operations at high and low altitudes on the sea and on land, under any visibility conditions, both day and night.

• Instructor of Chairs and Matters, Aerodynamics, Air Navigation, Aviation Safety and Air Traffic. Flight Instructor, standard and instrument, on board or not on ships. Reach about 1800 hours of flights in operations.

• Direction, for five months, of the team of pilots and mechanics in Operation Antarctica IV. Range of 155 flight hours in the period, record never exceeded.

• Participation of a pioneering team in the formation of an Air Unit, from its conception to its total operative capacity.

• Preparation and training of pilots and teams in helicopter operations in all visibility conditions, both day and night, both on land and on board ships.

• Director of the Naval Aviation Course, having trained, at a high level, four pilot classes for the operation of state-of-the-art aircraft of the Brazilian Navy collection, including A4 combat aircraft, which would be incorporated in the sequence .

• Promotions always by merit, in all posts by those who have climbed. Reach of the considerable mark, more than 670 days of diverse operations on the sea, embarked on the ships of the Brazilian Navy.

• Approved by the Governor of the State of Paraná, and authorized to transfer to that government in 1995, by the Minister of the Navy, in order to meet specific request for the management of the project to modernize and privatize the port area of ​​Paraná.


. Other courses:

• Port Management - 1997. Course in Nantes. France.

• Management activities Port Netherlands and Singapore 1996.

• Sports Management. Brunoro Course. Faculties TREVISAN, SP. 2003

• Extension in Sales and Smart Business - 2002.

• Non - Financial Executive Finance - 1999.

• Marine Guard - 1977 and Eletrotécnica - 1970.

• GED - Electronic Document Management - 2003.


. Languages ​​spoken:

•             Advanced English.

• Spanish - Native.